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Standard Seattle

And I still needed my sunglasses for the rest of the ride home…weird.

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Happy Places

I got to stay with and visit my friend Kristen Thursday night and she has the happiest little corner in her loft apartment. The light is so lovely there all day. And she uses it to paint and draw and … Continue reading

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St. Louis Rain

I went to visit my good friend Kristen in St. Louis this week. It was so great to have girl time and catch up on the months that we’ve been apart. It’s so weird to have her live so close, … Continue reading

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From the kitchen

So I defend my Master’s project in roughly 3 weeks and have been working in the kitchen (instead of my bed) as to avoid sleeping and getting distracted from the productive work that I’m supposed to be doing while at … Continue reading

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The last green one

The storm we had today was a little out of control. The wind was going every which way which made the rain go all over the place and made me not want to get out of bed. Alas, I did. … Continue reading

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Moonlight Dew

I was laying in bed catching up on some tv and when the commercial break came, I looked up through the condensation on the glass of the window to find the moon peaking in lighting up the water droplets. I … Continue reading

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Spring in Seattle

Despite the 70 degree weather the week before I arrived, it stormed and rained and was windy most of the time I was visiting.  These are some of the things I saw this week. Rain drops on the car window … Continue reading

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The Garden

Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington July 31, 2008 There was a small flower garden at Roche Harbor near the marina and the shops. These are some of the ones that I liked from this day.

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