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Dinner time

Our house has been on a Jamaica diet since January which basically means Adam and I work out and we all are eating less, eating healthier, and adding lots of vegetables to our life. Olive is obsessed with because … Continue reading

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Baby Drums

I know you remember pots and pans as drums. I do. And so did Adam. He decided while we were babysitting that he was going to teach Parker how to play drums for Nikki. He was interested a little…I think … Continue reading

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Gingerbread House

Apparently gingerbread house making is not a common thing here in Missouri. We made them in school as kids and then one year when Grandma came to visit, we made a real one too. Olive and Adam had found a … Continue reading

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Hank the Puggle

Snow day = good window light today. Hank is very photogenic and you just have to say his name and he cocks his head and just stares at you with his little bug eyes. His mom’s so proud!

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Tea Party

I have a pretty serious back log of blogging to do…My apologies to everyone. This was a party from a few weeks ago and I had just bought the new camera so I was showing it off to some friends … Continue reading

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From the kitchen

So I defend my Master’s project in roughly 3 weeks and have been working in the kitchen (instead of my bed) as to avoid sleeping and getting distracted from the productive work that I’m supposed to be doing while at … Continue reading

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A little bit of heaven and little bit of aw yeah…

Despite 80 degree weather, I made chili and jalapeno cheddar cornbread for dinner this evening that was enjoyed by all.

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Love Actually

A Schwartz Family Christmas with Nikki, Jarrod, and Truman. It’s been a White Christmas here in Mid-Mo and we’ve been pretty lazy around the house watching new movies and playing new Wii games. Merry Christmas!

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Katie at home

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