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You’re how many?

I made it back in town from my vacation in time to hang out with this kid for his 5th birthday.  I don’t know where the time has gone, but this sweet boy stole my heart long ago.  I’m so … Continue reading

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Chase’s 1st Birthday

Happiest of birthdays, Chase! You’ve grown so much this year and are the sweetest little boy. I hope that in the future these can be shown to your girlfriends so that I may embarrass you thoroughly in your teens – … Continue reading

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Shower time!

I know, Seattle, right? You’re thinking I meant rain. Nope. Babies! Way better than rain. Chere had her shower for the new arrival this weekend and despite the “modified bed rest” seems to be doing pretty good. It was a … Continue reading

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Family Dinner

So Parker has learned some new tricks since I’ve been gone. He’s learned where his belly, eyes, nose, ears, and shown here, his hair. Nikki cooked up some sweet buffalo chicken sandwiches and then there was lots of left over … Continue reading

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Jamaican Vices

While in Jamaica this last week, we discovered a new drink called Miami Vice – which is amazing – but I couldn’t call this post that because Miami and I (or anyone who I was traveling with yesterday) are not … Continue reading

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The Fulton Housewives

Olive’s bridal shower was this weekend at the Fulton Country Club. Saturday brought out some amazing family and friends for her. Despite not initially wanting a shower, I think in the end she was really glad to have the opportunity … Continue reading

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Dinner time

Our house has been on a Jamaica diet since January which basically means Adam and I work out and we all are eating less, eating healthier, and adding lots of vegetables to our life. Olive is obsessed with because … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mom!

I’ve been doing some double duty on this trip out to Seattle and one of the perks of having come when I did, was it fell over the weekend of my Mom’s 57th birthday. It’s been a few years since … Continue reading

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Adventures in Freelard

Steph, Aaron and I took the afternoon to get out of the house and headed down to Fremont and Ballard, WA., otherwise known to them as Freelard. We spent the afternoon/evening Happy Hour hopping where we ate too much good … Continue reading

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I am starting to believe that we throw parties for our children – especially first birthday parties – not for them, but for us. It’s a great time to get everyone together and share some quality time with the people … Continue reading

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