I’m a photojournalist who has recently moved back to the St. Louis area from Seattle.  I enjoy taking all kinds of photographs but really enjoy sports, portraiture, weddings, and feature type photography.  I am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Washington University in St. Louis, which has me taking a break from photography work unless it is for traveling or my personal sanity.

I have a master’s degree graduate from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism. I completed my master’s project in picture editing and spent the majority of my time at MU working as the Assistant Director of Photography for the Columbia Missourian.

I love to take pictures. I love volleyball. I love to travel.

You can find me on Facebook. Or working. Or in class. I have not yet submitted to the Twitter craze. I can barely keep track of my Facebook, so don’t hold your breath there.

Some Philosophy:

I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. And if you can make that picture, then you are a good story teller. That’s what photojournalism is about, telling the story the best way you know how. I know how to take pictures, so that’s how I tell my stories.

I have limited availability for freelance and contract opportunities of all kinds as well as portraiture and wedding photography.

Please feel free to contact me at:  stephanie.hinkle01@gmail.com

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