The Bride and Groom

I know these are late. I know. Thing is, she’s already got them. So now, these are for me to document and remember that it happened. That I was there when my best friend got married on June 19. There were some great moments. And for those of you who weren’t there, she was a beautiful bride. And now you can see her! And her new husband, he’s a cool guy. And this is one of my very favorite photos of him. He will probably want to slap me for posting, but they live in Washington and I’m in Missouri, so if he’s going to slap me, it means I get a visit out of it, and that my friends, is well worth the slap.

My Muffin - the bride - Mrs. Stephanie Ekdahl.

The Groom - My new brother - Mr. Aaron Ekdahl.

Stephanie got really excited about the cupcakes. This one has a little bride and groom on the top of it. No they did not shove it in each other's faces despite prompting.

About stephaniehinkle

I'm a MA grad from the University of Missouri with a degree in Photojournalism. I'm currently in St. Louis pursuing a Physical Therapy Doctorate.
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