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Babies, Puppies and Food: The Christmas edition

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The River

On the way to Barry and Lisa’s house for Christmas dinner, we drove over a small bridge that had a river running under it. I said then, I have to come back here to take pictures today. We had dinner … Continue reading

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New Traditions

I spent this Christmas with people who I am so happy to now call family. We’re pretty far away from each other on the tree, but I’m glad to call them Aunt and Uncle. They have been so good to … Continue reading

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Portland Observatory

As I left town on Christmas Eve to head to Haverhill, Mass., the sun was beginning to set and lit up my side of town perfectly. I don’t usually have the luxury of being able to pull over and take … Continue reading

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Snow for Christmas Eve Eve

We woke to a small dusting of snow on Thursday morning. The threat had been there for most of the week, especially after the three inches we got here on Monday that shut downtown Portland down. There was a 17 … Continue reading

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Like This or Like that: Sunsets from the office

I shot both photos one after the other so the light didn’t have much time to change. What I did notice while looking at these later was the in the first photo the screen on the window showed up very … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished

I was fortunate enough to be asked to be in the right place at the right time this weekend and to bear witness to a new phase of a solid and beautiful relationship. The story is an elaborate one that … Continue reading

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The morning after

Hank the puggle and I snuggled on the couch together after a long night of drinking after graduation. And by snuggle, I mean, this little dog took up most of it.

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Dawn in NYC

My flight left Portland, ME at 6 a.m. and this was shot at about 7:30 a.m. as I made my way through the terminal at La Guardia. The light was so nice that morning and it was a great way … Continue reading

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Tea Party

I have a pretty serious back log of blogging to do…My apologies to everyone. This was a party from a few weeks ago and I had just bought the new camera so I was showing it off to some friends … Continue reading

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